Elegant Glamour


Elegant glamour style is all about looking perfectly polished and expensive at the same time. If you admire the dress-sense of stars like Victorian Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Charleze Theron, and or Sandra Bullock, then use them as your inspiration!

When it comes to your wedding dress, it may be from medium length to long with a sash. It's important to be elegant and exclusive couture. Top quality fabrics is ideal. Layering and textures of fabrics, like chiffon and silks are key ingredient to achieving the elegant glamourous look.

When it comes to elegant glamour style, accessorise with jewellery like diamond earings, golden pendants, platinum bracelets, in a conservative way!

Elegant glamour themes generally consist of neautral colours. Satin and matte mixing colours like golds, white, black,  silver, pebble pink, beige and cream, are definitely favorites when it comes to this style. The basic rule here is to give a glow of richness to the atmosphere.

Hygiene, grooming and excellent quality perfume is of utmost importance. Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won’t necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don’t be shy to live out your dream.

When it comes to hair and make-up, perfection is key!  Hair can be straight, wavy or curly as long as it is shiny and perfectly tamed. Wear make-up that enhances your best features and make you look gorgeous!It is vital to have a flawless appearance in your skin with a healthy and youthful glow. One way to achieve this glow is by using our sunless airbrush tanning system. You will fall in love with it! 

There is 3 different types of elegant glamour styles, namely:

Old Hollywood Glamour ~ think Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Its attributes are red lips, platinum blonde hair, diamonds, fur and '40s dressing style. Hair is very important; old Hollywood hairstyles are short-to-medium length, wavy and dyed blonde or black. As for make-up, wear red lipstick and use black mascara. Wear medium-length dress, diamond earrings and maybe a pop of fur.

Urban Chic Glamour ~ think Audrey Hepburn. Sleek lines, straight hair, and elegant, simple design - it's the favorite look of the wealthy New York women. The most used colours are the neutral ones: black, white, and beige; however, bright colours are welcome too, but in smaller amounts. Wear precious fabrics like silk, cashmere and jersey; the fabrics must be as high quality as you can find. Accessorise with stiletto heels, fine and delicate jewellery and watches. As for make-up and hairstyle, long hair and the classic bob style are definitely the most acceptable; the make-up is very natural.

Opulent Diva Glamour ~ the more expensive and rich-looking it is, the better. Everything is allowed here: excessive jewellery, glitter, feathers, heavy make-up - as long as it's not (too) tacky, it's acceptable. Wear glittery dresses, fur, diamonds, opulent gowns for evening, metallic colours, high heels, animal prints, gold and precious gems. The predominant colour is gold. 

Elegant Glamour Colour Guide 


Elegant glamour Hair Styling Guide 

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