Grand Masquerade


Grand Masquerade is all about being living out your fantasy! This style is all about women showing their mysterious/secritive side! If you admire the dress-sense of stars like Paris Hilton at the New BFF Masquerade ball, or Ashley Tisdale on her single cover "Masquerade", then use them as your inspiration!

Grand masquerade accessories is about diamonds, masks and lint!
When it comes to your wedding dress, it is usually is ball room style, with fantasy and delight!Extraordinaire and glamorous is key!
Grand masquerade themes consist mostly of colours like pinks, blues, blacks and gold and/or silver. Feathers and lint in this theme is a great feature. The  basic rule is that there must be a sense of fantasy and excitement in the air! This can be a magnificent event, but just be sure you do it right, because if not it can easily be experienced as a cheesy. As long as it is done in elegance and style, you can be sure that it will be a fun-filled occasion! Be sure to keep this theme more on the formal side.
Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won’t necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don’t be shy to experiment, in fact grand masquerade is all about  expressing your mysterious personality! 
When it comes to hair and make-up, you can be creative as you like, there is no limits! Generally, masquerade girls like to have avant-garde styles that shows exuberance! The make-up can range from bold creative lips to diamond stud designs on the face. Airbrush make-up designs is a great idea for designs on the face and/or body. The sky is the limit! After all it is your fantasy world!

Grand Masquerade Colour Guide  


Grand Masquerade Hair Styling Guide 

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