Perfect Romantic

Perfect Romantic style is all about softness and femininity. This style of clothing is carefree yet classy. Some of the famous celebrities who are known for their romantic style are Marilyn Monroe, Kristin Davis, Freida Pinto, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johanson. Use them as one of your inspirations!

The perfect romantic theme generally consist of soothing colours or in some smooth fabrics as such the silk or the chiffons which are commonly used for such dressing styles. They look tremendously adorable on a woman's body. With some eye pleasing jewellery and the perfect sort of romantic outfit a woman gets an exceptional look of elegance. Because of it’s rich and feminine look it’s often misguided with that of the Bohemian look as there are a lot of resemblance with their way of dressing. Nevertheless, most of the women who adore romantic clothing style have friendly faces and charming personality.

When it comes to your wedding dress, it may be short or long. It's important to be immensely soft with a flow. These generally feature light, fluttering materials, laces, ribbons, pleats, slinky silhouettes. The waist and the chest lines are more often highlighted within these kinds of dresses. Smooth fabrics as such the silk or the chiffons which are commonly used for such dressing styles. They look tremendously adorable on a woman's body. In case your body has got those perfect curves then choosing a dress which would suit you the best as having those curves is certainly a plus point which can surely enhance your beauty. A sweetheart neckline will surely give you a classy and a romantic look. An empire waist or tiered ruffled sleeves would make look have an extremely dreamy look that would surely make you grab several attention towards you.

When it comes to romantic style, accessorise more maturely with eye pleasing jewellery like charming bracelets and elegant earrings.

Romantic themes generally consist of soothing colours as such pinks, pale blues, peach, purple or even a red to have a perfect romantic look and feel.

Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won't necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don't be shy to experiment, in fact perfect romantic style is all about enhacing your feminine beauty!

For an ultra-romantic look, soften your make-up. Generally, romantic girls like to wear their hair up or down with soft, touchable waves or curls.

Perfect Romantic Colour Guide  


Perfect Romantic Hair Styling Guide  

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