Glam Rock

Glam Rock is all about being contemporary and edgy! This style is all about women revealing their rockstar glamour! If you admire the dress-sense of stars like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Bjork, Michelle Branch, Amy Lee, Courtney Love, Blondie or Alanis Morissette, then use them as your inspiration!

Glam rock accessories is about showing glam with diamonds and studs!Edgy is key! Let it show the wilder side of you, dare a little.
When it comes to your wedding dress, it is about being comfortable yet extremely out there, to show that star qualities! This is your opportunity to create a one of a kind dress! Combined with some rocking heals is key!
Glam rock themes usually consist of glamorous predominantly darker colours that shows rock and roll, adding pure glamour with silvers and golds.Deep purples and dirty/soft pinks is a perfect combination for this theme. The basic rule is to create that perfect combination of rock and glamour, that provides an awe-inspiring atmosphere of extravagance!
Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won’t necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don’t be shy to experiment, in fact glam rock is all about showing edginess to your personal style. 
When it comes to hair and make-up, don't be scared to be more bold with your make-up look! Generally, glam rock girls like to express themselves with their hairstyle, done to show they've got star qualities!

Glam Rock Colour Guide  


Glam Rock Hair Styling Guide  

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