Viva La Bella


Viva La Bella is Italian Chic. It is all about elegance, femininity, a little intrigue and mystery. It's about your silhouette, slimming lines and details. It's where fashion and style have no limits and beauty has no bounds, coming together to create a seamless look.  It's about finding the easiest way for you to look and feel great throughout the day, but it's not about blending in. "La Bella Figura" ~ to show off your best features! If you admire the dress-sense of starts like Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, or Jennifer Aniston, then use them as your inspiration!

When it comes to your wedding dress, it may be short or long. It's important to be well-fitted in away that shows off your best features. Soft fabrics is ideal. Layering different lengths, fits, and textures are great ingredients to achieving the viva la bella look. The main skill involved is making it look comfortable to wear, but with sheer chicness.
When it comes to viva la bella style, accessories work to enhance and complement your height and shape, and complete the look.
Viva la bella themes generally don’t consist of bright colours and if they do they’ll keep it to a minimum. Cool, rich colours like soft/salmon pink, grey, silver, pale blue, and cream, are definitely favorites when it comes to this style. The basic rule here is to have too many different colours at once and if you must have that bright colour make sure the rest of your theme colours is made up of only neutral colors and not too many.
Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won’t necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don’t be shy to experiment, in fact viva la bella style is all about being yourself, to be comfortable and confident, to  enhance what you have to bring out your best!
When it comes to hair and make-up, keep it flawless, fresh and sexy. Generally, viva la bella girls like to wear their whatever best suite their style to enhance their face shape. They love creativity, something different and unique! Let your look tell your story!

Viva La Bella Colour Guide 


Viva La Bella Hair Styling Guide  

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