Passionate Zest

Passionate Zest is all about being exuberant! This style is all about women showing their fiery side! If you admire the dress-sense of stars like Christina Aguilera, Marcia Cross, Nicollette Sheridan or Julia Roberts, then use them as your inspiration!

Passionate zest accessories is about silver and gold, maybe add diamonds for bling!
When it comes to your wedding dress, it is usually long and sexy, with some edginess to it. Showing off your curves is key! 
Passionate zest themes consist mostly of colours like white, red and black. The colour of your heart is bold and strong, so keep it simple as it speaks loud and proud! The basic rule is to create an atmosphere of intense love!
Although it is important to have a style muse to inspire us, we should embrace the fact that we are unique. Be true to yourself and remember what looks good on your muse won’t necessarily work on you (and vice versa!). Be confident in your taste and don’t be shy to experiment, in fact passionate zest is all about expressing your personal sexiness! 

When it comes to hair and make-up, bring out your features with beautiful make-up by good contouring. Red lips is key! Generally, passionate girls like to have soft curls, creating a style that gives them va-va-voom! 

Passionate Zest Colour Guide  


Passionate Zest Hair Styling Guide 

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